5 Awesome Tips for Renting an Apartment in Germany You Should Notice

Tips for Renting an Apartment in Germany

When people are moving to Germany due to their employment or any other reasons, finding some rental apartment will be one of their first concerns. If you are moving to this country for a short period of time, you will probably not take interest in buying an apartment or home. It’s a full time job regardless of the risks involved in purchasing a new house. When it comes to renting an apartment in Germany, it may not be the same as in your native country. Here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you to avoid hassle and waste of money.

Tip 1- Types of apartments

First of all you should decide where you want to live. It can be quite costly to rent an apartment in bigger cities that’s why many people try to rent a house or flat in the suburbs. The costs for renting Germany apartment may differentiate. You can find apartments that are very reasonably priced or the ones that may be extremely expensive. Before you start packing your bags, make a plan or a list of what apartment you want to rent. There is a great variety of furnished and unfurnished apartments in Germany. When renting a furnished apartment note that they may contain old furniture, outdated furnishings or many unnecessary implements. Usually landlords don’t want to replace these things which make it inconvenient for most people. That’s why the majority of people moving to Germany choose apartments without furniture and either buy new German furnishings or take advantage of different furniture leasing companies for rent. With the help of these companies, you can outfit your residence with modern furniture and appliances the cost of which will be even less when combined with the rental price for a furnished apartment.

Tip 2- Give yourself a time

Renting an apartment in Germany can take considerable time from one week to one month. If you want to manage a visit after finding the flat that looks interesting, it may take several days. This is because the landlord needs time to select tenants and go through all the necessary applications. Plus, you should know that landowner often choose not that applicant who was first but the one with the best financial shape.

Tip 3- Real estate companies

One of the easiest ways to find rental apartment in Germany is using a real estate agent. However, you should expect to pay the agent’s fee in case you decide to rent an apartment. Before paying the money you must sign an agreement. Remember, never pay your money before signing a contract and having full understanding of your rental agreement. By signing a contract with you, the company wants you to affirm that any rental deal will be closed with their agent and not directly with the owner of an apartment. It’s always better to work with agent from professional associations. This will give you a 100% guarantee of reliability and trustworthiness.

Tip 4- Newspaper listings

Another good way to find a rental apartment is to search in newspapers. Weekend editions, numerous pages of advertisement and newspaper listings are the best place to look in case you want to go through a landlord. Morning is the best time of the day when you can call the owner. This is a better viewing time that gives higher chances of success if you find the place you like.

Tip 5 Contract signing

After finding the apartment you will be required to sigh a contract with the owner and pay one or two month’s rental fee deposit (the legal maximum is 3 months). It is recommended to go over the flat that you will be renting before signing a contract with the owner. Inspect appliances, electrical outlets, water sources if the flat is furnished and make a note of any wall scratches. You can also make pictures of damaged things. This will save you from that problem.