Renting an apartment in Germany: Useful Tips that Save Money

Renting  in Germany: useful tips that save money

Everyone knows, moving to another country can be stressful. When it comes to Germany, renting an apartment in this country is a common thing. About 50% of Germans live in rental apartments. If you want to move to Germany, you need to find the right apartment that will be comfortable and suitable for living. If you don’t have intentions to stay in Germany for a long period of time, rental apartment is the best solution.

Before renting any apartment decide what city you will be living in. Every city has its own criteria for rental an apartment. The process of renting may be quite different than in your country. Besides, there is no need to worry, renting in Germany is simpler than it is in many other countries. You will not have to go through credit or background checks as well as the numerous difficulties that you can go through in most countries. Finding the right rental apartment in such beautiful country like Germany allows you to spend a pleasant time in this country and concentrate on your family, job or kids when you would back home.

Explore the internet

It will be better to start your searching of rental properties before moving to Germany. If you already know what area or specific city of Germany you want to live in, you can start your searching of rental apartment by exploring the internet. There is a great variety of websites for rental advertisements that could be very useful and helpful before you arrive to Germany. Internet will give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the rental process including details of rental agreements, deposits, utility services and all the information about the legal relations between the landowner and the tenant.

Relocation agencies

By far, the best method to find a good apartment for renting is to address to relocation agency. Although these agencies are quite expensive, they will take care of such things like finding the best school for your kids, checking if you have all the necessary documents and finding you an apartment that will fulfill all your requirements and be suitable for all your needs. Rental or real estate agency is really a wise investment that can save you from any hassle and waste of money. Don’t act too fast, make sure the agency is reliable and has a big experience. If the agency offers you a flat with a very law price, take heed, it can be too great to be good.


Many foreigners who want to rent an apartment in Germany don’t know that it is necessary to sign a contract with the owner of the flat and pay 1, 2 or 3 month rental fee as a deposit. Landlord’s and your rental responsibilities, details of your deposit’s disposition, a list of services included in the rental along with the costs for the services and any other important information are all those things that should be documented and included to the contract. Before signing the contract, make sure that everything that is relevant is included to the contract.

Deposit tips

When you pay over the deposit to the owner of the apartment, remember, that this should be done at the bank where you held the deposit. Place the deposit in an account using landlord and your own signature to assure that the landlord will not take any unethical actions. Don’t place deposit in landowner’s personal account. In case, you will have a desire to return your money you will not be able to force him pay you back. When it will be the time to leave the apartment, any repainting and repairs of the apartment may be deducted from your deposit if the landlord will decide that they are unsatisfactory. So, you better don’t do any repairs yourself as it may cost you additional expenses.