Guest rooms - 40489 Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf

  • Details
    • ID: 87
    • Price from: 260.00€ per night
    • Overnights min: 3

    • Person max: 3
    • Floor: 0
    • Rooms: 3
    • Elevator
    • Space (m2): 48
    • Internet
    • Beds: 2
    • Non smoking
    • Sofa beds: 1
    • Parking

    • Location: 40489 Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf
    • Distance to fair ground (km): 6,3
    • Distance to city center (km): 10,3

    • Public transport
    • City train station: Am Muehlenacker, 300m

    The guest-rooms are situated on the second floor together with the bathroom.

    Breakfast will be offered in the large living-room on the first floor.

    Room 1

    It has 14 qm with a comfortable large bed, a small desk and the opportunity to sit down and relax.

    To place your clothes you will find a shelf with some drawers and an open wardrobe. 

    You also will find DVD and the opportunity of using internet and if necessary,

    we are able to install an own phone for you. 

    Cool drinks are available.

    Room 2

    It has 13 qm and a confortable large bed, a small desk and a part to sit and relax.

    Like room 1 there is a shelf with drawers and an open wardrobe for your clothes.

    Additionally you find a small wardrobe.

    room also offers DVD, internetpossibility and if necessary an own phone.

    As in all rooms cool drinks are available.

    Room 3

    It is the smallest one and has an invertible sofa, which can be used without any effort as a small bed or

    by doing some hand-movements as a comfortable large one.

    In this room there is a desk too and a small table.

    For your clothes you can use a large chest of drawers, the shelf and an open wardrobe. 

    Like in the other rooms DVD, internet and some cool drinks are available.


    The bathroom is commodious including a WC, a bath-tub, a shower-tub,

    a bassin with a mirror, hair-dryer and a rack to apply necessary things. 

    Different towels you will find in your room.

    As all other guest-rooms it is situated on the second floor

    and will be used exclusively by guests.


    Breakfast will be between 7 and 11 o» clock according to prior agreement

    in the large kitchen-living-room. 


    The best way to get to the fair is to go by tram.

    To reach the next station you walk for less than 3 minutes right through this residential area.

    The station is called: "AM MÜHLENACKER". 

    The tram goes every 10 minutes. The normal indication of this tram is "U-79".

    With this you will go about 10 minutes to station: "MESSE OST/STOCKUMER KIRCHSTRASSE".

    From that station you either walk for 3 minutes to the eastern entrance or

    you directly enter the "U-78" direction "MESSE NORD/ ESPRIT-ARENA" to reach

    the northern part of fair within 3 minutes.

    In times of fair it is possible to take a tram to the "MESSE NORD"

    directly without changing. These trams are signed by an "E".

    If you want to go by taxi it will be ordered within few minutes.

    From airport you will reach the house best by taxi within a few minutes.

    It is also possible to go by bus and tram - but you have to change from bus to train.


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Service charge: 45€
Total: 0€
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