Apartments for rent in Hannover (Germany)

4-room apartment
ID: 482
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 0.8
Price from: 340.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 480
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 2
Price from: 175.00€ per night
3-room apartment
ID: 479
Person: 3
Distance to fair: 1,7
Price from: 205.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 469
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 10
Price from: 230.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 468
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 6
Price from: 180.00€ per night
3-room apartment
ID: 466
Person: 3
Distance to fair: 1.5
Price from: 245.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 433
Person: 3
Distance to fair: 1,2
Price from: 195.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 432
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 2
Price from: 165.00€ per night
3-room apartment
ID: 431
Person: 5
Distance to fair: 1
Price from: 445.00€ per night
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7 Benefits of Short Term Rental Accommodation in Hannover (Germany)


Are you going to book a hotel room in Hannover? Well, all you can expect from a hotel is a tiny room, a bed, a big bill at checkout and crowds in the lobby. Are you sure that these things worth spending a fortune? Luckily, you have an opportunity to rent a private fully-equipped apartment for short term in Germany. You will get an absolute privacy and enjoy the chance to live like locals.

Short term apartments provide tourists with different accommodation needs.  Apartments for rent in Hannover (Germany) are great for business trips, vacations, school, and many other occasions. Without a doubt, you will appreciate numerous benefits of this wise option.

The benefits of short term rental apartments over hotels

  1. More space and privacy. You will get lots of room to move around. Besides, you won’t be disturbed by your next door neighbors making a noise and keeping you awake all the night long. In turn, if you want to throw a party, you will have more opportunity to do so without disturbing others.
  2. Suitable for large groups. Apartments for rent in Hanover are ideal for individuals, couples or families as well as for large groups of travelers who need more space. 
  3. Kitchen and white goods. Hotels can hardly provide you with all the necessary kitchenware and white goods such as a washing machine, fridge freezer, etc.
  4. Greater cultural experience. If you rent an apartment in Hannover (Germany), you will probably find that you are living like the locals. Thus, short term rentals can give the sense of living in Hannover instead of just visiting.
  5. More freedom. Short term rentals provide peace, privacy, quiet and freedom. Try getting that in an ordinary hotel! Spacious apartments give the opportunity to entertain friends, invite family or hold business meetings. So, you can easily combine your holiday with business or social activity, if you need to do so.
  6. Access to all creature comforts.  Your own private bath, kitchen, and rooms to relax make you feel at home. Thus, you can do laundry, cook meals, or take relaxing bath whenever you want. Indeed, short term apartments save money, so as you can spend less on dining out, laundry service, and so on.
  7. Security. Even if you hope that the chambermaid/chamber guy is honest, you should remember that hotel doors are easy to open for a thief.  This can make you feel unsafe. That is why a rental apartment would be safer for you and your possessions. Make sure you lock the door properly and have a good time!

We offer for rent cheap private apartments as well as rooms in the guesthouses and B&B rooms. The apartments are mainly located in the city center or near to the trade show. Good transport connection and the variety of shops around the area give you an additional advantage. These holiday apartments are ideal for tourists, businessmen, visitors or participants of the exhibitions and other travelers.  So, rent an apartment in Hanover and enjoy an unforgettable experience of living in Germany! 

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