Apartments for rent in Frankfurt am Main

2-room apartment
ID: 476
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 1,9
Price from: 150.00€ per night
4-room apartment
ID: 435
Person: 6
Distance to fair: 14,5
Price from: 295.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 434
Person: 3
Distance to fair: 4,8
Price from: 150.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 429
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 1
Price from: 255.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 417
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 1
Price from: 300.00€ per night
3-room apartment
ID: 416
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 2.7
Price from: 395.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 415
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 3,4
Price from: 140.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 409
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 3,7
Price from: 189.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 408
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 5,4
Price from: 135.00€ per night
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How to Rent a Private Apartment in Frankfurt am Main 100% Safely?


When looking for a room for rent in Frankfurt you may consider the price and location is all you need. However, the type of apartment you choose is far more essential to the overall success of the trip. Apart from a warm bed, an affordable price and a convenient location flats in Frankfurt for rent can give you a home-away-from-home atmosphere. This allows you to feel comfortable during your stay. Space, amenities and other benefits may play a decisive role in choosing the right option.

The apartments for rent in Frankfurt am Main come with all the necessary equipment and amenities to make your stay enjoyable and easy. You are provided with everything from homeware, toiletries and linen to electrical appliances and furniture. In other words, you have everything you need to feel at home. Besides, a flat to rent in Frankfurt provides travelers with recent technologies, such as satellite TV, home cinema DVD, flat LCD/Plasma TV screen, wired high speed Internet, and so on.

The advantages of rental apartments over the hotel rooms

It»s not a secret that furnished apartments in Frankfurt (Germany) are becoming more and more popular for tourists who need an accommodation for a week or so. People appreciate flats for their extensive amenities, spaciousness and privacy. In fact, furnished apartments in Frankfurt are comparable in price to hotels and can even be less expensive. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling to Germany for business, school or longer holidays, you will definitely benefit from staying in the rental appartment.

If you want to rent a flat in Frankfurt am Main, you can choose from simple 1-bedroom apartments as well as from much larger options that can easily house a big group or family. Apart from the spacious bedrooms, short time rentals feature well-appointed living areas, fully equipped gourmet kitchens, convenient bathroom and more opportunity to relax. Besides, you can invite your friends and have a good time in private and comfortable atmosphere.

Tips on how to rent an apartment in Frankfurt safely

  • Keep in mind that some owners delete negative reviews from their websites. That is why you shouldn’t trust their posts. Instead, try look for independent comments about apartments in Frankfurt for rent through popular search sites (e. g. Google).  
  • Before you book rooms for rent in Frankfurt, decide whether you need the Internet. If you need it, ask the manager whether it is available and what does it cost.
  • If you travel in summertime and cannot tolerate the heat, you should choose places with air conditioning.
  • If you decide to rent a room in Frankfurt, never pay by Western Union. There is a risk that scammers will take your money and run. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of such a kind of individuals. Use only the trustworthy sites to book.
  • Make sure there are no hidden fees, for instance, some charge for cleaning services, a security deposit, etc.

So, if you want to rent a room in Frankfurt am Main, you should find a reliable website. Our company has earned a good reputation for high quality service and honesty.

We offer for rent a range of private fully-equipped apartments for short terms in Germany. Indeed, a spacious furnished apartment is a great alternative to hotels. Most of them are located in the city center or close to the fairground. Convenient transport connection allows reaching any destination around the city. Apart from cheap accommodations, we offer rooms in the guesthouses and B&B rooms. They are ideal for tourists, businessmen, visitors or participants of the exhibitions and other travelers who appreciate privacy and comfort. 

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