Rooms and apartments (flats) for rent in Dusseldorf

1-room apartment
ID: 475
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 2,8
Price from: 135.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 474
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 2,8
Price from: 135.00€ per night
3-room apartment
ID: 473
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 0,5
Price from: 295.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 472
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 1
Price from: 285.00€ per night
Guest rooms
ID: 470
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 1,3
Price from: 290.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 467
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 4,5
Price from: 155.00€ per night
Guest rooms
ID: 464
Person: 1
Distance to fair: 6
Price from: 122.00€ per night
Guest rooms
ID: 463
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 3
Price from: 142.00€ per night
Guest rooms
ID: 462
Person: 3
Distance to fair: 4
Price from: 215.00€ per night
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Rental Apartments in Dusseldorf Germany:

Convenient, Cheap and Cozy Place for Rest and Work



What is the most important factor for good mood and gorgeous look? Yes, it is good rest. And the best place for relaxation is home. But what to do, when you are far from your comfortable and cozy nest? You may rent fully-equipped apartment. We’ll help you to find the best place to make successful business decisions and just to rest. Apartments for rent Dusseldorf, Germany will make your trip pleasant and peaceful.

Peculiarities of Dusseldorf Apartment Rental

We offer to forget about heartless and noisy hotels. In private apartments in Dusseldorf you will feel as comfortable as at home. Why apartments for rent are better, than hotel rooms? There is a whole bunch of reasons:

  • Economy. To rent a whole apartment is cheaper, than to rent a hotel room, especially if you are travelling with companions.
  • Privacy. Your apartment is your castle, so you may do what and when you want. No one will bother you. And sound insulation in an apartment is always better, than in hotel rooms.
  • Comfort. You’ll have more space for your things. Furnished apartments for rent in Dusseldorf offer not only convenient wardrobe, but all necessary furniture for refreshing rest and rewarding work. Service apartments in Dusseldorf, Germany will add freedom from care to the trip.

Convenient transport connection. It is easy to get to any part of the town!
No surprises. When you are choosing an apartment, you see real photos of a place you are going to live in, but not the photo of the best room in a huge hotel.


Flats for rent are ideal for short terms in Dusseldorf. We have special propositions for visitors and participants of the exhibitions as we offer a wide range of apartments, situated close to the fairgrounds. And what can be better than a quiet and private apartment after a noisy day at the exhibition? Peace and rest are vital for successful business decisions.

Who will Like a Rented Apartment?

Apartments in Dusseldorf for rent will suit perfectly to those, who want to rest in this beautiful town and study its culture and history. Apartments mean freedom.

What about food? Hotels are famous for their breakfasts and restaurants. But look around! There are plenty of different restaurants everywhere! You may choose any one you like! And surely you’ll find some grocery downstairs. Besides, you may rent B&B room and enjoy breakfast.

We offer to rent apartment in Dusseldorf for a reasonable price as an alternative to a hotel. Even a cheap apartment may be much better, than an expensive hotel room. It doesn’t matter, what flat you’ll choose. It may be a big apartment or rooms in the guesthouses. In any case you’ll enjoy comfort and freedom of apartments for rent in Dusseldorf, Germany.
The reasons for travelling may differ. Some people like new places, others look for new business opportunities. But everyone needs good rest and comfort. And that’s why apartments for rent are essential part of every interesting and fruitful trip.



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