Furnished apartments and flats for rent in Cologne

3-room apartment
ID: 478
Person: 8
Distance to fair: 19
Price from: 285.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 477
Person: 5
Distance to fair: 3
Price from: 435.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 471
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 3
Price from: 305.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 453
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 2
Price from: 365.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 452
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 3
Price from: 395.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 451
Person: 3
Distance to fair: 3
Price from: 225.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 418
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 2.5
Price from: 325.00€ per night
1-room apartment
ID: 246
Person: 2
Distance to fair: 7,7
Price from: 205.00€ per night
2-room apartment
ID: 244
Person: 4
Distance to fair: 4,4
Price from: 260.00€ per night
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Apartment for Rent in Cologne, Germany: New Opportunities and Fresh Emotions

Cologne is a magic city, which you will certainly love! And apartments to rent in Cologne will make the trip even more comfortable and unforgettable. What makes Cologne so special? It has its own strong character and tender soul.

The Place, where Past Meets Future

Why is Cologne the city you are obliged to visit? It’s an ancient city, with interesting history and its own traditions. Fusion of past and future makes this city extraordinary. If you like magnificent architecture of the past, you’ll be surely fascinated by Cologne Cathedral. It tells its own history in a beautiful language of architecture. The story of the cathedral stated in XIII century. And today this magnificent witness of the past is ready to astonish visitors of the city.

You may rent a flat in Cologne close to Rhine and enjoy beauty of this river. And for the real beer lovers Cologne has got a surprise. A special kind of beer, called Kölsch suits perfectly to this special city.

There is another side of Cologne. This city offers to visit numerous pubs and clubs and enjoy the night life in a modern style. Apartments for rent in Cologne, Germany are ideal for everyone, who loves night life.

February is a special month in Cologne. At this time the Carnival Parade takes place. And dances, dances, dances all day long. Isn’t it wonderful? The atmosphere of energy and fun mixes with ancient sceneries and makes the parade so special and unforgettable.

There is another reason to rent apartment in Cologne. A lot of exhibitions take place in this city. And to visit them means to develop the business.

Where to stay in Cologne?

It’s not enough just to see the city. You should feel its soul, its unique charm. Hotels won’t tell you all about Cologne. But you may find furnished apartments for rent in Cologne, Germany and enjoy the real life of the city.

Private and fully-equipped apartments are ideal for short term in Cologne. Comfort, home coziness, a lot of space make apartment for rent very popular alternative to hotels.

We offer to find the best apartments right for you. What do you like to visit? What does attract you in Cologne the most? Maybe, you like to be in the middle of the life and prefer an apartment in the city center or a cozy flat near trade show will be better? Maybe, you are looking for a large apartment or room in a guesthouse will be perfect for you. We will find the best and the most convenient place for you.

To rent apartment in Cologne, Germany is really advantageous. Tourists may enjoy the freedom of living in an own flat and businessmen will estimate privacy of it. Surely, everyone will like the price. Cheap accommodation in cologne may be really comfortable. And we’ll prove you, that affordable apartments are much more convenient than a stuffy hotel room.

Cologne is the city, which you’ll never forget. It is full of surprises. And here you’ll feel the real life, its energy and beauty. Future, past… Do they really matter, if you are happy now, in present?

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