Apartment rentals in Germany

Apartments, Houses or Rooms for a Time in Germany

You are a businessman and going on business to Germany?

          You have vacation and planning your rest with family?

                   You are participant or visitor of international trade show?

In any case you need good accommodation to stay!

Mese Home offers all possible accommodation for rent from rooms in guesthouse to luxury apartments or houses in the main German trade fair cities such as Frankfurt am Main, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hanover, Berlin and Cologne. We find the best solution for people who are travelling to Germany for business or for pleasure: safe and comfortable apartments away from home.

  • High quality, good furnished and fully-equipped private apartments
  • Perfect alternative to a hotel stay
  • Cost for every budget
  • Rentals for short to medium stays from 3 days minimum to 1 month

We propose alternative to hotel rooms: comfortable apartments, economy rooms in cozy guesthouses, private accommodation for fair visitors, tourists and businessmen. 

Our accommodation are good furnished and fully-equipped including kitchen ware, bedclothes and towels.

With gratitude for the trust,
Messe Home Team

It is interesting to know that a German apartment for rent is an entire industry, carefully structured and systemized by meticulous Germans. In other words, the rent of flats in Germany will never hide any surprises or unexpectednesses: all the obligations will be fulfilled exactly as they were agreed before. The tourists’ rights are comprehensively protected, so you need not be afraid of frauds or any improper treatment on the part of the owner of the property.

Flats, which are meant for tourists, are abbreviated as FeWo – from “Ferienwohnung”, which translates as “holiday apartments”, and houses and villas are called Ferienhaus. In addition, most of the apartments can be categorized according to the star-classification similar to the hotels.

If the circumstances force you to stay in Germany – why not rent the most comfortable accommodations? It is obvious that the property to rent in Germany is a great opportunity to brighten up one’s everyday life in a foreign country and fully enjoy vacation time.

Housing problem

According to the statistics, 58% of the German population lives in rented apartments and houses. Rental rates are regulated pretty tough, and even major changes in the world economy only marginally will affect the pricing in this sector of realtor market.

Of course, there are those among the Germans, who own their own apartments or houses, and yet to rent apartments in Germany is an urgent question in this country. The popularity of the rental rooms in Germany, flats, houses or any other type of accommodations is conditioned by different reasons. In particular, pretty high prices per square meter of floorspace have a great impact on the preference of rented apartments to one’s own.

The cost of German apartments for rent

The cost of renting apartments in Germany varies depending on the area, the degree of comfort and the location of rental lodging. Ones of the most expensive apartments are in the territory of Bavaria, the Baltic Sea, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Munich remains the most expensive German city, not only for buyers but also for tenants. Here, for each square meter the tenants pay 12.64 euros excluding public utilities.

The second place is occupied by Frankfurt am Main - the city in which there are more than 400 German and international financial organizations. Here rental costs on average 10.93 euros / m ². In third place is Hamburg, where a tenant has to pay 9.89 euros / m ² to rent a flat, and then goes Heidelberg (9.68 euros / m ²) and Stuttgart (9.39 euros / m ²).

Cheaper to rent an apartment in Plauen or in Hof: the average price is about 4.21 euros / m ². Also the most affordable rentals one can find in Wittenberg (4.47 euros / m ²), Goerlitz (4.55 euros / m ²) and Bremerhaven (4.72 euros / m ²). In Zwickau and Bautzen the rent costs about 4.73 euros.

How to rent an apartment in Germany?

So the first tenant’s step is to search ads in the newspaper or, which is more convenient, on the Web. It’s better to pay attention to such abbreviations as OG (Obergeschoss) - attic and EG (first floor) and KG (basement room). Having examined all the appropriate variants, a tenant needs to contact the owner or broker to agree the date of meeting. So the tenant liked the flat, and the landlord liked the tenant – then it is a time to sign a contract. The agreements of lease in Germany are usually long-term.

The contract of lease contains all the basic information about the apartment - size, number of rooms, state of the flat, the indicators of water, gas and electricity meters, the defects and breakdowns of premises, etc.

The contract also spells out the rights and obligations of the tenant and the owner: the time of making the monthly payment, the date of termination of the contract, the conditions for continuation, etc.

By the way, to protect the rights of the tenant, in case the landlord wants to terminate the contract prematurely, he has to provide weighty arguments explaining his decision. Even the resale of the apartment is not a reason to evict the tenant. As a rule, they “migrate” into the hands of a new owner of the flat along with the square meters …

Why choose us?

Are you planning to go on a tourist trip to Germany? Do you want to visit one of the exhibitions or shows in Germany? Are you going to have any business negotiations in Germany? Or are you looking for business partners in Europe and you need support? Then you are on the right track.

Our experts will help you to organize a trip to any city in Germany according to the highest standards. We offer the perfect alternative to hotel accommodations – private and fully equipped apartments for shorts terms in Germany - the combination of home comfort and coziness.

We offer:

  • The apartments are well-furnished and ready for moving into within a short time – fully-equipped with all the necessary things;
  • Considerable saving in comparison to hotel prices. In addition, discounts are available depending on the duration of one’s stay;
  • More space and privacy than it is usually offered in hotel rooms;
  • The apartments are located in different areas of the city, close to trade shows, fairgrounds and exhibitions or in the city center;
  • We offer cheap apartments with convenient transport connection, B&B rooms, rooms in the guesthouses, as well as apartments of business class for tourists, participants and visitors of the exhibitions, and businessmen;
  • Everything we do, we do quickly, efficiently and only for you!

We guarantee

We provide a full range of services to individuals and legal entities in the German property market.

Working with us in searching the right apartment for you in Germany, you will save your time and efforts. We will not only find for you the best room, flat or apartment, but will also assume responsibility for the legal and physical support of the bargain.

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Openness and honesty, compliance with financial regulations, individual approach to each client and finding quick and reliable solutions are the key components that underpin our strategy.

We are open for you and are at your disposal and are always willing to answer any questions you may have. 

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